Paint Protection

Why Paint Protection Film?

Stone chips, scratches, scuffs and environmental damage are an unfortunate by-product of motoring but not one that you need to resign yourself to. Rather than spend time caring for your car and then cringing when you hear the all too familiar ‘ping’ of stones peppering the bonnet and bumper, you can stay one step ahead.

3M VentureShield is an almost invisible urethane protective film that means you can still care for your car as normal but also drive as normal, safe in the knowledge that all vulnerable areas have been effectively protected. No more frustrating ‘pings’!

What’s more, each model of car and motorcycle has a year specific template made for it, available in gloss or matte film finish, so the 3M VentureShield patterns are machine-cut and ready prior to installation. There’s no cutting to size on the car and the patterns are designed to wrap around panel edges, where possible, meaning they are virtually invisible. Standard kits cover the bumper, front leading edge of bonnet, headlights, fog lights, wing ends and wing mirrors, whilst extended kits cover the same but have all of the bonnet and wings protected, plus the top of the rear bumper. You can even have the entire car wrapped (and many people do) for ultimate protection!

3M VentureShield is supplied to numerous OEMs within the 2 & 4 wheeled markets as well as motorsport teams within F1, A1, Le Mans 24hr, BTCC, British & World Superbikes and the World Speedway championship, but is ideally suited to the everyday driver – you never know when the next stone is heading the way of your nice shiny bonnet, so make sure it’s protected and in pristine condition for years to come.