3M VentureShield is a urethane paint protection film with excellent elasticity and optical clarity. It has been developed to reduce stone chip damage, scuffs and scratches and environmental damage to motorbike paintwork (especially important nowadays with the modern water-based paints and bodywork transfers used in manufacture), which in turn could eliminate the cost of stone chip repairs, will retain the paintwork condition at the time of film installation and may enhance the residual value of your motorbike at time of resale.

Having decided 3M VentureShield paint protection film would be the solution to protecting your motorbike’s paintwork you have two kit options – (1) Tank kit which consists Tank pad and tank sides or (2) Full kit which includes the tank kit and depending on category of motorbike offers protection to other key areas.

Motorbike pattern kits are split into 3 categories: (1) Street bike (2) Sports bike (3) Touring

At Tony James Designs we can tailor the level of protection coverage to suit your requirements, we can design / install bespoke templates for any motorbike, of any age, any design, any part you want, from classic bikes, motocross, current day production motorbikes or motorbike helmets. Why not call us to discuss your requirements or to arrange a viewing of our VentureShield demonstration vehicle to see the film first hand in a working environment.

3M Automotive produces pattern designs for each make and model of motorbike since 2000, by using press or demo bikes so they can see each and every area that gets damaged and then make a corresponding template. They are designed and plotter-cut for self-install ( dealer install option will incur a labour cost), so that you have peace of mind knowing that the kit will be a perfect fit and no cutting of film on the motorbike will be needed.

Every motorbike kit comes with installation instructions, pattern diagram, bike wire diagram, spray bottle including slip solution (you just need to add water), a rubber squeegee and also have the reassurance that TJD only use the latest paint protection film.

Pricing from:

  • Tank Kits - £45.00
  • Street Bike Full kit - £70.00
  • Sports Bike Full kit - £99.00
  • Touring Bike Full kit- £120.00

All prices quoted include VAT

All prices quoted DO NOT include dealer installation, as kits are designed for customer install.