Paint Protection


Stone chips, abrasion and environmental damage aren't just frustrating, they reduce the value of your car or motorcycle.

With Paint Protection Film, you protect your pride and joy - and your investment.

Our computer designed pre-cut patterns are available in high gloss or matte finish for cars and motorcycles, with car and motorcycle kits professionally installed by Tony James Designs.

Don't go to DIY extremes to protect your car from stone chips...get a professional clear film install using vehicle specific templates from Tony James Designs.



  • Virtually eliminate stone chips, scratches and paint damage
  • Optically clear, extremely tough urethane film
  • Professionally installed car kits with a 5 year 3M warranty
  • Computer designed car templates for a perfect fit
  • Covers bumper, headlights, wing ends, mirrors and bonnet leading edge
  • Optional full bonnet coverage, or even whole car coverage
  • May help maintain the residual value of your vehicle
  • OEM and Motorsport tested and approved